Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wild Whales and Dolphins -- Cetacean Summit -- in Kona

International Cetacean Summit in Kailua Kona, March 1-5th

Join people from around the world in celebrating our connection to Whales and Dolphins!
Twenty+ speakers will introduce their work and knowledge gained from many years living among cetaceans and working with the energies of whales and dolphins.  If you want to swim with whales and dolphins around the world this is a great place to start!  Begin your travels in the best place on the globe to swim with wild dolphins all year round, in clear calm warm water! Enjoy boat trips to the dolphins with a likeminded community at the conference.

Meet guides from many cetacean hot spots who may escort you to encounter whales and more species of dolphins where they live.  Learn how guides communicate with the cetaceans, understand their languages, and observe natural behaviors.  Feel the wonderful healing vibrations from cetaceans, amplified by masters of energy work.

Roberta, your Dolphin DreamMaker
Before or after the conference, come swim with me as I escort you to encounter spinner dolphins.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dolphins Playing with Leaves

Dolphins enjoy playing with leaves that people bring for them.

Dolphins play with various leaves throughout the world.  Seaweed, coconut fronds, lauhala, and here in Hawaii an almond trees large colorful leaves.  After sonaring the leaves closely, the dolphins pick up chosen ones with their fins,  The leaves may be draped on the dolphin's rostrum, dorsal, pectoral, or tail fins.

Dolphins may carry the leaves for miles.  Or they will shrug the leaves from one fin to another. If they drop off a leaf another dolphin may come behind and pick it up.

The dolphins also drop off leaves in front of people in the water. They wait to see what the person may do. Sometimes, if the person dives to take the leaf, the dolphin flies in first in a game of 'keep away'.

Dolphins will also pick up plastic bags, fishing line, rope, and other garbage that doesnt belong floating in the sea.

Humpback Whales in Hawaii 2013

Baby Humpback Whales Born in Hawaii along Kona Coast

Young whales are quite curious and spyhop to look around them.  Babies have a creamy white underside.

Winter 2013 has been a fabulous season, with daily sightings of newborns and mother humpback whales.

Everyday we have seen whales while boating right along the Kona Coast.  Young whales are gaining strength by breaching, head slapping, tail slapping, and swimming swiftly alongside mom.

Whales are identified by patterns in the color of the underside of their tail flukes.  Some are almost all black, some are almost all white, and most are some combination and pattern of black and white.


We can also discern individuals by the shape of their dorsal fins.

Humpback Whales frequent Hawaiian waters from November to April, but the main whale time is from January 15 to March 30th.  Come see us then!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Diver Rescues Dolphin!

Diver rescues a bottlenose dolphin from entanglement.

Video was taken of an amazing encounter in which a diver takes fishing line off from around a wild bottlenose dolphin. During a manta ray night dive, divemaster regular, Keller, unwraps a fishing line from around the pectoral fin of a bottlenose dolphin while videographer Martina records the unusual event.

If you would like to go out to see the manta rays on a night snorkel, please contact me.

Roberta Goodman

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wild Dolphin Lessons with Roberta~You're Not Alone!

dolphin & silly people  Are you afraid to look silly in front of dolphins?
Are you concerned that you may miss out because you have never snorkeled before?
snorkeler upside down as dolphins pass 
You will have dolphins dancing at your fingertips,
man makes dolphins appear
perhaps even grow a mermaid's tail,
snorkeler with dolphins ~
even if you're not an underwear model!
gorgeous man swims with dolphins
Because I give everyone individual attention to bring you comfort in the water and a kick in the fin. 
 A couple hundred guests have been out on boat trips to the spinner dolphins with me this summer, six snorkelers or less on each trip. 
Some guests were afraid of deep water.
Many guests had never before snorkeled in the ocean.
Very few had ever met a dolphin in the wild.
For them, these were lifechanging journeys to Dolphin Land.
Everyone returned with a smile,
more joy,
appreciation for the wonder of the sea,
and a connection to the family of dolphins that lives along the Kona coast.
In my blog on June 22, I introduced my Dolphin Secrets for attracting the best dolphin experience ever, secrets that bring the dolphins to you. 
 In previous blogs I have shared videos of my guests' amazing encounters. 
Coming soon is a video of What Not To Do. 
I have some catching up to do after a busy summer, and will soon post an unusual encounter with Pilot whales with a large group of guests from all over the world.
If you would like to join the journey,
Follow me! Write comments! Share the Journey!
Receive dolphins in your mail, add your favorite music, and follow us under the blue!
With aloha,
Roberta Goodman

Sunday, July 15, 2012

March 11, 2011 Tsunami Dolphins


Friday, June 22, 2012

SETI Contact Conference 2012 Talk part 2 Dolphins in the Wild

Dolphins in the Wild
While continuing research into dolphin communication, I take people out by boat to the spinner dolphins off the Kona coast. We typically encounter a pod of 200 dolphins, or a subset of the 700-800 resident spinner dolphins.
I’ve developed a protocol for these encounters, calling the basic three steps Dolphin Secrets.
1 The first dolphin secret, Terry taught me over 30 years ago. Terry would wait a couple feet away, while I was draped over the tank wall with my hands in the water.
 As she waited, I would breathe and relax, and relax even more, before she would glide into my arms. Terry rewarded me for relaxing deeply by allowing me to embrace her.
The first Dolphin Secret is to be in a position to wait for the dolphins to come to you. Let them approach if they want. Relax and wait.
2  Terry also rewarded me for grace. After we danced gracefully over the tank wall, fluid and innovative, Terry would run around the tank performing splashless bows, or corkscrew underwater. She would stand beside me with her nose pointed skyward and her eyes closed.
The second Dolphin Secret is to Go in Grace – be predictable and smooth, respectful and calm. Observe and respond to what happens during the encounter.
3 The third secret is to establish and maintain eye contact. When the dolphins gaze at you and the moment becomes timeless, go with it. Be present. Be open to gamesplaying.  If it seems appropriate, become more active, either swimming with them or following their lead. They have invited you to play, even if this time lasts mere seconds. Eye to eye gaze, stay present, focus, be attentive and responsive. Play, but play with grace and respect, not intrusion. Watch for cues. Feel your response to their mood and behavior, and then feel the dolphins’ response to your response. BE with them.
Relax and breathe. Go in Grace. Be present in eye to eye contact.
Communication begins here. We are sending signals to the dolphins. Signals indicating harmlessness, non-intrusion, trust, respect, curiosity, and a willingness to play if invited.  Dolphins have an extensive limbic system which immerses them in awareness of others, including us.  We are only learning to watch for signals from the dolphins indicating their trust, curiosity, acceptance of our presence, and willingness to engage us in games. 
In my videos I am looking at their use of whistles and other vocalizations while in close proximity to us, perhaps directed towards us. Also their use of vocalizations while engaged with each other in highly active play. I have some of these videos posted on and
If you would like to analyze any of my videos, please let me know.
Roberta Goodman
Kailua Kona