Friday, June 10, 2011

Children, Autism, & Dolphins

A story of a young autistic boy speaking for his first time after being in the water surrounded by dolphins is on my website at
The producer of NA NAI'A Legend of The Dolphins made that event possible, while filming a segment with Daryl Hannah.
See a trailer of the film at
NA NAI'A Legend of The Dolphins was shown in Cannes in 2010 and on Maui.
Come to the World Premiere - Introduced by Megan Fox & Director Jonathon Kay
Maui Film Festival Wed. June 15
Celestial Cinema
NA NAI'A Legend of The Dolphins is a mind-expanding feature film documentary which celebrates the spectacular beauty of the dolphins, their message to humanity, their power, their wisdom, their fun-loving nature, and the importance of their global conservation. This film has a wonderful consciousness-raising message about the importance of the international conservation of the environment of the oceans, and rivers of our planet.
NA NAI'A Legend of The Dolphins has been filmed on location in Hawaii, Bimini, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, and Mozambique.
This film is extraordinary in that it presents the story of the dolphins from their point of view, using fantastic film sequences that we have filmed around the world, in conjunction with amazing music and voiceover narration that's been recorded by a variety of artists.
KATE WINSLET, MEGAN FOX, WHOOPI GOLDBERG, ELLEN PAGE, CHEECH MARIN, JAMES FRANCO, JULIAN LENNON, DIEGO LUNA, ISABELLA ROSSELLI and GERARD BUTLER have each participated as narrators of various countries in this film and have supported this project in order to encourage international conservation of the dolphins and the environment of the oceans of the Earth. Daryl Hannah appears in the film and participated in an underwater film shoot on the Big Island of Hawaii, with the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.
See the Trailer of the film at:
YOKO ONO provided her consent for use of the song IMAGINE performed by John Lennon
THE ROLLING STONES have provided the use of the song BEAST OF BURDEN
in the film on a gratis basis, in support of the wonderful message that the film provides in helping the dolphins and encouraging the global conservation of the oceans of our planet. RINGO STARR has also participated on this documentary. Award winning Hollywood Composer RANDY EDELMAN has composed the original music score for the film, and it sounds FANTASTIC. Randy composed the scores for THE MASK, BILLY MADISON, BEETHOVEN,THE MUMMY and about a hundred other films.
The film is expected to reach a diverse international audience and to receive substantial press and publicity through its worldwide distribution in theatres, on DVD, and on television.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dolphin Immersion Multiday Boat Trips

The dates for a dolphin immersion are flexible.  Your availability and the number of people in your group are considered when planning for the next multiday adventure.
This is also a rare opportunity to book day after day of dolphin encounters for the highly curious or if you are traveling alone.
Group leaders who are thinking of including dolphin encounters in their workshops will become familiar with the dolphins & logistics. 
One focus may be looking into the healing/ life altering/ positive effects of dolphin contact.  If you would like to bring a client for a dolphin healing intensive, please contact me.

The day after the tsunami, we traveled with a huge pod of dolphins, about 400. They were exuberant!  Dolphins may positively affect our immune systems purely through the joy we experience being with them in their natural state.