Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wild Dolphin Lessons with Roberta~You're Not Alone!

dolphin & silly people  Are you afraid to look silly in front of dolphins?
Are you concerned that you may miss out because you have never snorkeled before?
snorkeler upside down as dolphins pass 
You will have dolphins dancing at your fingertips,
man makes dolphins appear
perhaps even grow a mermaid's tail,
snorkeler with dolphins ~
even if you're not an underwear model!
gorgeous man swims with dolphins
Because I give everyone individual attention to bring you comfort in the water and a kick in the fin. 
 A couple hundred guests have been out on boat trips to the spinner dolphins with me this summer, six snorkelers or less on each trip. 
Some guests were afraid of deep water.
Many guests had never before snorkeled in the ocean.
Very few had ever met a dolphin in the wild.
For them, these were lifechanging journeys to Dolphin Land.
Everyone returned with a smile,
more joy,
appreciation for the wonder of the sea,
and a connection to the family of dolphins that lives along the Kona coast.
In my blog on June 22, I introduced my Dolphin Secrets for attracting the best dolphin experience ever, secrets that bring the dolphins to you. 
 In previous blogs I have shared videos of my guests' amazing encounters. 
Coming soon is a video of What Not To Do. 
I have some catching up to do after a busy summer, and will soon post an unusual encounter with Pilot whales with a large group of guests from all over the world.
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With aloha,
Roberta Goodman