Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wild Whales and Dolphins -- Cetacean Summit -- in Kona

International Cetacean Summit in Kailua Kona, March 1-5th

Join people from around the world in celebrating our connection to Whales and Dolphins!
Twenty+ speakers will introduce their work and knowledge gained from many years living among cetaceans and working with the energies of whales and dolphins.  If you want to swim with whales and dolphins around the world this is a great place to start!  Begin your travels in the best place on the globe to swim with wild dolphins all year round, in clear calm warm water! Enjoy boat trips to the dolphins with a likeminded community at the conference.

Meet guides from many cetacean hot spots who may escort you to encounter whales and more species of dolphins where they live.  Learn how guides communicate with the cetaceans, understand their languages, and observe natural behaviors.  Feel the wonderful healing vibrations from cetaceans, amplified by masters of energy work.

Roberta, your Dolphin DreamMaker
Before or after the conference, come swim with me as I escort you to encounter spinner dolphins.