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  1. Great posts Roberta...I particularly like the two posts on the SETI Contact Conference talks.
    Thank you! Joanna

  2. Following quality time spent with Roberta Goodman and the wild dolphins and regularly sighting whales as well last spring, 2017, my daughter and I returned to Canada refreshed, re-energized and ready for new adventures. She went on to serve aa boat captain for Cetus Research & Conservation Society and I transitioned smoothly into retirement that involves a lot of community service as well as outdoor activities. I believe that swimming with wild dolphins helps with a number of conditions and am currently doing research on the impact of dolphin therapy, equine therapy and music on brain health post-concussion. I couldn't imagine a trip to Big Island without coming back to Wild Dolphin Swims Hawaii. Over a period of two weeks I witnessed first-hand your expertise and sensitivity towards those under your care on your dolphin cruises. You make all participants feel included and safe. I noticed positive impacts on people with special needs as well. You are an inspiration. We look forward to a return visit. Mitakuyé oyásin (All my relations)
    Yvonne Germaine Dufault, Toronto, Canada