Saturday, March 2, 2013

Humpback Whales in Hawaii 2013

Baby Humpback Whales Born in Hawaii along Kona Coast

Young whales are quite curious and spyhop to look around them.  Babies have a creamy white underside.

Winter 2013 has been a fabulous season, with daily sightings of newborns and mother humpback whales.

Everyday we have seen whales while boating right along the Kona Coast.  Young whales are gaining strength by breaching, head slapping, tail slapping, and swimming swiftly alongside mom.

Whales are identified by patterns in the color of the underside of their tail flukes.  Some are almost all black, some are almost all white, and most are some combination and pattern of black and white.


We can also discern individuals by the shape of their dorsal fins.

Humpback Whales frequent Hawaiian waters from November to April, but the main whale time is from January 15 to March 30th.  Come see us then!

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